Animator’s Resource Kit was started as a place to make animation resources much more accessible and easier to find. It is a place built and contributed to by the animation community and allows ease of access to useful assets and resources such as links to forums, communities, competitions, rigs, tools and places to submit work.

The aim is for the Animator’s Resource Kit to become a hub that links to hundreds of resources that make an animators life much easier. Whether you’re a beginner looking for software, free rigs and tutorials or an expert looking for a specific tool or community to join. This hub should have everything you need all in one place.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed links so far and to all those websites that we link to for having such great content!

Animators Resource Kit - Adam

Animator’s Resource Kit is moderated by Adam Turnbull so if you want to bug him about adding content or just have a little chat, you can find him on Twitter, Vimeo or YouTube

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